Podcast: ESG Investing

Both consumers and financial advisors want to know more about Environmental, Social and Government (ESG) investments - for different reasons. In this new podcast Fred Gaudios describes the attitudes and behaviors of both audiences towards these...

Podcast: Bringing Quant Data to Life – Video Open-End and “The Blob Tree”

A number of new technologies that have been used successfully in qualitative research are now being employed to help bring quantitative date to life. Two vivid examples are described here.

Podcast – Conducting Research with Financial Advisors

Conducting research with financial and investment advisors can be tricky. Learn how you can overcome these barriers to conducting research with advisors and reap surprising and dynamic results.

Annuity Insights Podcast

Join Fred Gaudios, Zeldis Senior Account Director, for his insights on what to consider when conducting research on annuities. With a focus on consumer research, Fred focuses on three considerations; 1) Methodology 2) Knowledge & Topic Selection ...

Understanding Millennials Podcast

Join Amy Rey, Zeldis Executive Vice President, for new insights into Millennial professionals, including their attitudes, use of technology, social media and other measures.