Podcast: ESG Investing

Both consumers and financial advisors want to know more about Environmental, Social and Government (ESG) investments - for different reasons. In a new podcast from Zeldis Research,  Senior Account Director Fred Gaudios describes the attitudes and behaviors of both audiences towards these value-based investments.

The podcast details the results of a two-phase Zeldis study on ESG study: a Quantitative survey of consumers and follow-up webcam interviews with financial advisors.  While awareness of ESG investments remains low, the study found, consumers who know about them like the idea of aligning investments with their values, even at the expense of returns. Even for advisors who sell ESG investments, it is a low priority however, and there are numerous barriers, Including complexity of purchase, inconsistent approach by fund companies to marketing them, and few resources to learn more. But advisors say they offer them to give their interested clients peace of mind. 

Other results showed that environmental and social grounds are more compelling for purchasing investments to consumers than Corporate Governance. 

And a new concept Zeldis researchers tested on "Patriotic" investments - promoting company values such as "Made in America" and  giving jobs to veterans -  was found to be appealing to consumer segments not otherwise interested in ESG investments. 

Listen to the Podcast HERE.