Understanding Millennials Podcast

Join Amy Rey, Zeldis Executive Vice President, for new insights into Millennial professionals, including their attitudes, use of technology, social media and other measures.

Reaching The Elusive Millennial: A Case Study On the Pre-College Experience

A recent Zeldis research project sought to deepen the client's understanding of the 'pre-college' experiences of high school seniors and their parents.

Webinar: A Shifting Perspective: The Voice of the Millennial Professionals.

Zeldis Research Vice President Amy Rey shares the results of a new proprietary research study, “A Shifting Perspective: The Voice of the Millennial Professionals.”

White Paper: Five Quick Tips When Considering International Market Research: Part 1 – Customization

Zeldis' international market experts have come up with some quick but critical points to consider about customization when embarking on a global market research project.

Webinar: Young Affluent Professionals Attitudes Toward Life Insurance

Marketing insurance to young, affluent professionals has changed since you marketed to their parents. What's different now is the subject of "Young Affluent Professionals' Attitudes About Life Insurance."